The internet is alot better than just writing papers. I mean writing papers is god but learning from the internet can be alot better, and more funn! When you write a paper for class, Most of the time only you and your teacher get to read it. Or maybe the class gets to listen to you read it out loud. But other than that no one gets to hear what you learned or what you think about certain things. When you post things up on the internet it goes to EVERYBODY. I mean like the whole world. Sometimes you have to have certain names of things but still the whole entire world knows about it. I learned alot about drugs from the internet that I would probably never find in a book. One of the reasons is because I don't really read anymore, and cause I'm always on the internet. I', pretty sure that's how alot of people in the world are these days. Usually when someone has to do a project or do research on something the first thing they think about is the internet. Yeah so maybe some things on the internet might not be true but you can fine that out. But overall usuing computers for something like this is very good because then the whole world could know about it in an instant

Heyy; the name's Jordan(:
  • I'm in third period Teenleadership for Mrs. Burden!
  • I'm 13 years young
  • My friends are the best of the best<3
  • I'm a great student && I shoot for high goals
  • Music is something I'm addicted to
  • Baseball & Football are the best sports ever
  • I live life to the fullest each & every day
  • Drama isn't my thing
  • The weekends are the time for me & my friends